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The floppyfw development kit

The development kit(s) are used as the ground for building floppyfw from scratch. Use Subversion (included) to check out the newest set of build scripts and type make to get a new and fresh floppyfw.

You can also use this to make your own packages. The preffered way to do this is to make a .mk file (in the makefiles directory) and add the package as a TARGET in the main Makefile.

You have a few options on how to use the devkit:

  • Tarball - Untar on a Linuxbox, chroot and you are running.
  • VMWare Player - just download, untar and press play.
  • ISO Image - For installing onto a hard drive partition.

All these have a common root password (it's a good thing to change this), "ffw". They also have Readme files. The ISO Image also have instructions on how to install onto the hard drive.

The devkit is supposed to last through a release cycle so that all packages made with it shall work on all majojr.minor versions.