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hosts_b packages updated 1/16/2007

Non included floppyfw Packages

This is where you will be able to find an alphabetical list of the available packages for floppyfw.

Each package description should contain:

  • Name
  • Short description
  • Contributor
  • Link to the package (or package directory, easier to maintain)
  • floppyfw versions the package works with.
  • link to documentation (either a Wikipage here, a READme or the contributors own pages.

This can be filled in by you in the typical Wiki fashion.


  • Description: Block ads and malware from your network at your firewall.
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9.x through 3.0.0 and beyond
  • Contributor: Brad Skiff
  • Ad-blocking packages for floppyfw Updated 01/16/2007




  • Description: Diagnostic tool for NICs
  • Package: Part of the floppyfw package build
  • Homepage: Freshmeat page
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9 or newer

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  • Description: Mailscan package for floppyfw is an email (POP3 and SMTP) transparent antivirus scanning solution.
  • floppyfw versions: 2.99.3 and later
  • Contributor: Ivo Tachev
  • mailscan package





  • Description: Making the FFW routing all web traffic to a web proxy.
  • Package: TransProxy 1.5
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9
  • Contributor: Michel Van den Bergh


  • Description: Tool for high availability (sharing virtual IP addresses)
  • Package: Part of the floppyfw package build
  • Homepage: Ucarp
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9 or newer
  • This package aren't finished yet. it needs init scripts.


Other Packages / Contributions