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Non included floppyfw Packages

VNS is short for Virtual Node File System, and it is a complete filesystem that is the template for the nodes in your cluster. A VNS is a subdirectory on the master/boot server, and is used to construct the root filesystem for each node in your cluster.

This is where you will be able to find an alphabetical list of the available packages for floppyfw.

Each package description should contain:

  • Name
  • Short description
  • Contributor
  • Link to the package (or package directory, easier to maintain)
  • floppyfw versions the package works with.
  • link to documentation (either a Wikipage here, a READme or the contributors own pages.

This can be filled in by you in the typical Wiki fashion.


  • Description: Block ads and malware from your network at your firewall.
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9.x through 3.0.0 and beyond
  • Contributor: Brad Skiff
  • Ad-blocking packages for floppyfw Updated 01/01/2007




  • Description: Diagnostic tool for NICs
  • Package: Part of the floppyfw package build
  • Homepage: Freshmeat page
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9 or newer

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  • Description: Mailscan package for floppyfw is an email (POP3 and SMTP) transparent antivirus scanning solution.
  • floppyfw versions: 2.99.3 and later
  • Contributor: Ivo Tachev
  • mailscan package





  • Description: Making the FFW routing all web traffic to a web proxy.
  • Package: TransProxy 1.5
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9
  • Contributor: Michel Van den Bergh


  • Description: Tool for high availability (sharing virtual IP addresses)
  • Package: Part of the floppyfw package build
  • Homepage: Ucarp
  • floppyfw versions: 2.9 or newer
  • This package aren't finished yet. it needs init scripts.


Other Packages / Contributions