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  • Floppy Firewall does currently only support the x86 processor architecture. 386 with no FPU is supported by the 1.0 series of floppyfw. 386 with FPU and newer are supported by the 3.0 series. For a home router, an old Pentium 1 should be more than sufficient.


  • 12MB should be sufficient but 32MB is better.

Network Interface Cards

  • Floppyfw supports a wide range on NICs, and adding support for other is quite easy. Some of the supported NICs are: Intel NICs, 3com NICs, NICs based on the Tulip chip. If you happen to have a nic that isn't supported, and you have no idea how to compile in support for it, drop us a note at the development newsgroup.


  • Floppyfw was originally made for... You guessed it, floppys. It now supports running from floppys, flash cards, CD-ROM and hard drive. There are different builds of floppyfw available for different sorts of media, so make sure you grab the correct one.
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