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General Use

  • Q: Is it possible to use "static DHCP", i.e. reserve IP addresses in the DHCP server?
    • A: Yes. This is done by editing your ethers file on the floppy.
  • Q: Is it possible to feed data into the DNS server of floppyfw?
    • A: Yes. This is done by editing the hosts file on your floppy. What you write here will be fed into the DNS server.
  • Q: I want to use a different keymap. Possible?
    • A: Yes. Grab the keymap you want, rename it to "keymap" and add it to the packages directory on your floppy.
  • Q: My additional packages don't fit on the floppy. Is there a way to get them installed?
    • A: Yes. By editing SECOND_DEVICE=n to SECOND_DEVICE=y at the bottom of the config file, you will be able to use a second device for your packages. This can be another floppy or a CD-ROM. Remember to change SECOND_DEVICE_FS=vfat to SECOND_DEVICE_FS=iso9660 if you intend to use a CD.


  • Q: I'm not happy with the busybox features in floppyfw. Can I tweak them?
    • A: Yes. Download the devkit and you can build your own customized floppyfw. Keep in mind that good ideas and patches are always welcome. Please post to the development newsgroup.
  • Q: I want to add a package to my floppyfw, but it is not in the package repository. What do I do?
    • A: Download the devkit and compile it there. Please read one of the existing makefiles to see how to make a .ffw-file from your package. It's pretty self explaining.

Hopefully, more will come in this FAQ.

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