Download and install:

Download floppyfw-current.img and insert a fresh floppy in your drive. dd if=floppyfw-current.img of=/dev/fd0 and you have the floppy ready.

If you need to use PPPoE you need to get the floppyfw-current-pppoe.img image of floppyfw instead..

Rawrite(MS-DOS version) (Windows) is usable on (win)DOs systems.

Linux users:

  • $ dd if=>image file< of=/dev/fd0

If you need to use one of the packages, grab it and just copy it into /packages. Remember to check wether it works for the 1.0 or 2.0 series. Packages made for 2.0 will not work on the 1.0 series of floppyfw.

Howto for the ISO images


The image is a FAT filesystem so it is possible to edit the configuration from a MS-DOS or windows based system. (WordPad and edit will work, Notepad may not work.)

/config is the basic setup file. It should explain itself.

Other files to edit:

  • firewall.ini Edit this if you want more than just basic masquerading. It will set itself up with the IP-adresseses you have set or gotten through DHCP (if you get that part running). /bin/gi detects the outside IP.
  • modules.lst If you want to add or remove some of the ip_masq modules, this is the place. Also possible to add more modules.
  • syslinux.cfg the append line sets the interfaces. If you have problems getting both (or more, you can have more than two net) interfaces up you can configure them directly here using the append line. You only have to edit this file if something does not work.
  • syslog.cfg For configuring syslogd. You also have to turn on logging in the firewall rules.

Kernel compilation (if needed):

  • You should probably use this configuration as the base.
  • Put the file into /usr/src/linux/.config and make
  • Edit the config file as you want it or use xconfig or menuconfig.
  • To build the kernel: oldconfig dep clean bzImage modules
  • Compress the arch/i386/boot>/bzImage file with UPX. You need the 1.11 version, this is the only one able to compress vmlinuz/386.
  • Replace the vmlinuz file on the floppy with the bzImage you just compiled.

If you are using any other kernel version than the one provided you will have a problem with the masquerading modules that is stored in the /floppyfw/add.bz2 tarball and you will end up with alot of work.


iptables is the tool you use to set up the firewall/masq/router stuff. Check iptables webpage for how to set up the iptables tool.

2005-07-26 / Thomasez@zelow.no